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5 Tips to Slim Without Starving!

xweienx   |   Apr 1, 2021, 10:03   |   802

In an effort to keep up with the "ideal" body, many people deliberately lose weight by going on a strict diet. This method is not necessarily effective and if done wrongly might even have adverse effects on the body in the long run. Actually, losing weight does not have to be a nightmare or a torture, and especially does not require to starve yourself all day. Just by making some small changes in life, you might just start to see a slow but definite reduction in weight.

#1 Chew Slowly When Eating

If you've grown up in an Asian household, you've very likely been told to eat and chew slowly. Turns out, there are some benefits to that. When we eat, it takes some time for our bodies to send a signal to our brain telling us its full. When we eat too fast, the brain might not register that we're already full even when we actually are, so we continue and end up overeating. If you plan on slimming down, it helps to only take ENOUGH calories, not TOO MUCH calories. Besides, properly chewing your food helps with digestion so get all the required nutrients without having to "top up".

#2 Take More Proteins

In order to lose weight, the key component of your body to reduce is unwanted fats. The best way to still fulfill your needed calories is by increasing protein intake. Not only is it an essential nutrient, it also helps improve the body's metabolism! Some examples include salmon, tofu, walnuts, eggs, and lean meat. To keep it healthy, cook them by boiling or baking and season them with some salt and pepper.

#3 Avoid Sugary Drinks

Yup, that means boba! One of the main contributors to weight gain and obesity is sugary drinks. This includes soft drinks, coffee and tea, and even beverages that market themselves as low-sugar! The best way is to stick to plain water and fresh juices. Avoid any processed beverages or sugary drinks for just 1 week and you'll see a huge difference in yourself!

#4 Eat High-Fiber Foods

In addition to increasing protein, it also helps to increase fiber intake to ensure a balanced diet. Fiber also promotes digestion and metabolism, which in turn contributes to weight loss and an improvement in your overall health. Some examples of high-fiber foods include avocado, sweet potato, celery, cauliflower, and radish.

#5 Be Mindful Of Your Eating

People nowadays are full of bad habits when it comes to consuming food. Some do it in such a rush because they've got to "go back to work", some have their eyes glued to their phones throughout the entire meal, while some don't even realize they're snacking all day long. All of the above will results in you overeating as you're not paying attention to what and how much you're eating. Plus, eating half-heartedly is said to lead to indigestion. Therefore, spend your meal times focusing on your meals, instead of everything else.

So, there you are, 5 simple tips that you can definitely start practicing today! Not only do they help you lose weight, they will be a huge factor to your good health in the long run!


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