Netizens Not Amused When Resident Builds Garage On Apartment's Public Parking Space



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Netizens Not Amused When Resident Builds Garage On Apartment's Public Parking Space

By storyteller24

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A resident believed to be from Pangsapuri Seri Indah, Selangor is under fire for building a parking lot complete with a roof and lock.

This came to netizens' attention after Facebook user @Ekhmal Ezdihar posted an image of the parking lot on Aug 11 and made a jibe at the owner which garnered over 3,600 likes and 451 comments.

"Alhamdulillah (praise to God), the car won't be hot (under the sun). Pangsapuri Seri Indah je," the caption said.

Netizens in the comments expressed irritation with some claiming that it has been an ongoing issue for a while with no actions taken from local authority.

"People like this are selfish. It's a public parking space and you're busy building up a fence like this. How much did you pay the local authorities?" user @Alias questioned.

User @Azuwar Black said: "Even my place is like this. The lower house was even renovated to be like a terrace to the point of obstructing the public's path. I don't even know how to report this kind of thing."

Meanwhile, another user @Alexis Mirana tries to give the parking owner the benefit of the doubt by saying he might have paid for the parking lot.

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