People Who Wear These Clothing Brands Are More Likely To Develop A Bad First Impression, Research Says



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People Who Wear These Clothing Brands Are More Likely To Develop A Bad First Impression, Research Says

By Ayunie

Men and women, you might want to keep your high end outfits hidden in the closet. At least, that's what this research says. 

People who flaunt luxury labels and other status symbols are more likely to be perceived as being uncooperative, according to researchers from the University of Michigan. On the basis of earlier research, those perceived as wealthy are typically viewed as having higher levels of intelligence, discipline , and competence.  

In this particular study, the researchers chose to examine whether boasting about your wealth also affected how people perceived your willingness to cooperate with them.

Six trials totaling more than 2,800 individuals were conducted by the researchers as part of the study.  

In one experiment, 395 participants were asked to assess a variety of social media profiles in order to identify potential community members who they believed to be cooperative, selfless, and generous.

The findings showed that when a profile featured posts indicating a high social status, participants were less inclined to suggest that profile for membership in their community.

These profiles were also considered to be wealthier, more obsessed with status, and less inclined to show compassion for others.  

In another experiment, 1,345 participants were invited to assume they were making their own social media profile and had to decide what to wear for their profile image in another experiment. ( Clothing options ranged from luxury brands to non-luxury brands. )

The selection process for an online group was disclosed to the participants. Only half, however, were informed that a cooperative individual was needed by the organisation they hoped to join.

According to the findings, participants who were attempting to project the image of a cooperative team member were far less inclined to select luxury clothing for their profile picture.

Participants, however, were equally likely to select a non-luxury brand whether collaboration was emphasized or not.  

'It is generally assumed that signalling status can strategically benefit people who want to appear high class why else would people pay a premium for products with luxury logos that have no other functional benefits?' Dr. Shalena Srna, the study's principal author, remarked.

'But it can also backfire by making them seem more self-interested.'

In summary, this study suggests that people will invariably develop preconceived notions regarding those who dress in luxury.

So, do with that information as you may?

Source: Daily Mail

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