Sea Of People End Up Waiting On Road On JB Side Of Causeway On Friday Night



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Sea Of People End Up Waiting On Road On JB Side Of Causeway On Friday Night

By storyteller24

ICYMI: 'Pontianak' Sighted At Johor Bahru Immigration Complex

A sea of people were seen trying to cross the Causeway land crossing from Singapore to Johor Bahru via the public transport and walking route on Friday night, Sep. 15.

Photos of the massive number of people in the queue trying to clear immigration on the Malaysia side were shared to Facebook on Friday evening at around 9:20pm.

The sheer number of people who were making their way into the Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex only saw warm bodies congregating outside, with travellers having to wait on the road.

Previously, on numerous occasions, travellers who tried to enter Johor via the land crossings in cars were also seen stuck in massive jams of up to eight to nine hours.


According to the comments in Chinese in response to the photos, the crowds were photographed on the Malaysia side of the Causeway.

One commenter explained that this was the result of Malaysians returning home for the weekend after working in Singapore.

However, one respondent quipped: "It is as if there is a concert happening every Friday."

Another response, which was devoid of sarcasm, read: "This is the sad thing about Malaysia. A proper country run chaotically. In the end, it is the people who suffer."

One other commenter, who compared the situation with what it was like previously, wrote: "There hasn't been any progress? Nothing improved? It is still as crowded."

One of the responses, which summed up the overall sentiment in colloquial Chinese, lamented: "Every weekend like this will die."

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