M'sian Ministry of Health Initiates Recruitment For Medical Team To Gaza Strip Amid Ongoing Genocide



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M'sian Ministry of Health Initiates Recruitment For Medical Team To Gaza Strip Amid Ongoing Genocide

By Ayunie

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) has initiated an online application process, inviting medical officers to join the country's medical contingent headed for the Gaza Strip amidst the ongoing genocide in the region.

Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, the Health Minister, affirmed that suitable training will be provided to the participating medical professionals to ensure preparedness for the challenging circumstances they might face.

"From the team's perspective, we are prepared and committed to providing comprehensive training. This will encompass physical, mental, and emotional aspects as facing conflicts of this nature can be highly stressful," stated Dr. Zaliha during a press conference held today after launching the celebration of Integrity Day and the Pledge of Anti-Corruption (IBR) of MOH in 2023.

Dr. Zaliha expressed confidence in the readiness of the healthcare team members in terms of their treatment capabilities and other relevant skills.

Previously, MOH had identified a medical aid team prepared for deployment to the Gaza Strip, pending the necessary permissions.


The deployment of the medical team will be executed through collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various other public agencies, alongside coordination efforts with the International Red Cross.

Further elaborating on MOH's role in the conflict-affected region, Dr. Zaliha clarified that the ministry is actively monitoring the situation and closely collaborating with humanitarian organizations such as the International Red Cross and Mercy Malaysia.


"I maintain direct communication with them to understand their urgent requirements, particularly for surgical equipment, given the high number of injuries in the region. MOH remains in constant touch to address their needs," emphasized Dr. Zaliha.

Earlier aid efforts from MOH included the dispatch of 20 tonnes of medical facility aid on November 3rd, followed by a subsequent flight on November 11.

MOH is poised to continue its humanitarian efforts by sending essential medical supplies, including consumables and medicines, in the upcoming third series of aid deliveries to the conflict zone in the near future.

Source: Buletin TV3

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