This Local Woman Escapes Fake Kidnapping Scam, Ask M'sians To Stay Alert



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This Local Woman Escapes Fake Kidnapping Scam, Ask M'sians To Stay Alert

By JustineG

With the increasing number of scam reports nowadays, it comes as no surprise that con artists are constantly devising new methods to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Recently, Marlene Zahari took to social media to raise awareness about a disturbing phone call scam involving fake kidnappings and torture. 

While these tactics may not be entirely new, Marlene's harrowing experience sheds light on the evolution of the scam.

She shared her encounter with an anonymous male caller who aggressively claimed to have her child in their custody. The scammer demanded a ransom, threatening harm to the child if the payment was not made promptly. 

However, unlike typical kidnappers who provide specific details to authenticate the abduction, this scammer failed to provide any information beyond Marlene's name.

Suspicious of the call, Marlene pressed for more details about her child. The caller repeated the same threats and asked an alleged accomplice to simulate sounds of violence in the background.

Although distressed, Marlene realized something was amiss and decided to text her eldest son to confirm his whereabouts. Her son promptly responded, assuring her that he was safe in school and had seen his sister during lunch.

With the knowledge that her children were safe, Marlene remained silent on the call, prompting the scammer to hang up when their demands went unmet. 

Shockingly, Marlene discovered that her close friend had encountered a similar call, suggesting that this scam tactic was not isolated.

Marlene raised concerns that scammers these days are incorporating AI-generated voices to mimic the voices of loved ones, making it even more challenging for victims to discern the authenticity of the calls. 

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