WATCH: Hiker Encounters Mysterious White 'Entities' In Terengganu – Prepare To Be Surprised!



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WATCH: Hiker Encounters Mysterious White 'Entities' In Terengganu – Prepare To Be Surprised!

By JustineG

Prepare to be spooked and entertained as a recent TikTok user shared a bone-chilling story that sent shivers down the spines of many. 

In a short 11-second video, user @mnbj captured a group of white entities, leaving viewers with goosebumps. The hair-raising encounter reportedly took place around 10 am during a hiking trip at Bukit Singa, Terengganu.

@_mnbj_ Apa benda tu ya , kjadian 10.48pagi tdi. Masa tu otw nak prgi hiking hiking pun akan lalu tmpt situ , tpi patah balik sbb masa tu mmg tkda org prgi hiking pagi , cuma kami berdua je. #allahadakuasamakluktiada #fyp Original Sound

"What in the world is that? Happened at 10:48 am today. We were on our way for a hike, and we had to pass by that spot. But we turned back because no one usually hikes in the morning, it was just the two of us," @mnbj captioned the eerie footage. 

The video quickly garnered over two million views, leaving netizens equally thrilled and chilled by the spine-tingling sight.

@_mnbj_ Replying to @geegojers Suriram

However, the mystery behind the sighting was soon unravelled when another TikTok user left a comment on the video, revealing that it was actually them and a group of friends posing for a photo.

The situation took a hilarious turn as the truth came to light, leaving netizens amused by the explanation provided by the TikTok user. Phew! Thankfully, there was a logical explanation, or else the blame would have fallen on mischievous spirits.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or enjoy a good laugh, this bizarre tale proves that things are not always as they seem. 

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