This 23-Year-Old Penangite Shocks M'sians As She Looks Just Like Blackpink's Lisa!



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This 23-Year-Old Penangite Shocks M'sians As She Looks Just Like Blackpink's Lisa!

By sleepingbeauty

Believe it or not, scientists suggest that statistically, each person has about six doppelgangers scattered across the world, and that's quite an intriguing thought. Many everyday individuals are occasionally mistaken for their celebrity lookalikes, which can be both amusing and stressful at times.

Now, even popular K-pop idol Lisa from Blackpink has found herself compared to a doppelganger. Surprisingly, we have our very own Lisa lookalike right here in Malaysia. Allow me to introduce you to Jeryl Lee Pei Ling, a Malaysian singer from Penang who is currently making waves on the internet due to her striking resemblance to Lisa. The 23-year-old gained widespread recognition after winning the Chinese singing reality competition, The Next 2023, last month.

As her popularity continues to soar, people can't help but notice the uncanny similarity between her and Lisa, even affectionately dubbing her 'Malaysian Lisa.' However, Jeryl shared in a statement, 'I take it as a compliment... [but] me and my close friends don't think we look alike. But some people who have just met me might feel, at that moment, a resemblance.'

So, what do you think? Do you see any resemblance between Jeryl and Lisa, even if it's just a little bit?

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