"Can't Relate To Those Living Paycheck To Paycheck" Netizens React To Proud M'sian With 6 Months' Worth Of Savings



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"Can't Relate To Those Living Paycheck To Paycheck" Netizens React To Proud M'sian With 6 Months' Worth Of Savings

By JustineG

Be kind, and there's nothing wrong with being empathetic, right?

We've all encountered the familiar saying "tunggu gaji masuk baru boleh jalan jalan" (waiting for the salary before hitting the town), and most of us can easily relate to it. However, there's one Malaysian who's currently making waves on social media for challenging this notion. 

Despite his good intentions, he's highlighting that he can't relate to living paycheck to paycheck due to his well-thought-out financial planning a commendable feat that many applaud. While his achievements are indeed something to be proud of, he's faced some backlash for appearing arrogant and as if he's showing off, simply because he "can't relate." 


Some expressed their desire to emulate his financial prowess, but not everyone is as fortunate, given the varied commitments people juggle. It's a reminder that one can never fully understand another person's struggles, and empathy plays a crucial role.

The financial journey is unique for everyone, and the hustle is undeniably real. In a world where everyone is navigating their own money game, a touch of kindness and understanding can go a long way.

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