WATCH: Vietnamese Girl Surprises Malaysian With Fluent Malay During His Trip To Hoi An



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WATCH: Vietnamese Girl Surprises Malaysian With Fluent Malay During His Trip To Hoi An

By JustineG

Malaysians take great pride in their country's culture and heritage, and it's no surprise that they were pleasantly surprised when they encountered a young Vietnamese girl who spoke fluent Malay. TikTok user Syazwan Khaidir shared a video of his conversation with a girl, named Lily, where she showcased her impressive language skills while discussing her small business. Lily's fluency, complete with local slang like 'lah,' impressed many Malaysians.

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Lily, who previously gained viral attention for her ability to speak multiple languages, including Malay, English, Korean, and Japanese, often uses her linguistic talents to interact with tourists visiting her area in Vietnam. Another TikTok user, Rahseed Nisran, shared his encounter with Lily during his trip to Hoi An, Vietnam. In a video, Lily explained that many Vietnamese locals, particularly those in the Ho Chi Minh area, are fluent in the Malay language.

The videos featuring Lily caught the attention of Malaysians, who quickly recognized her and praised her language skills. Some even jokingly questioned if she was genuinely Vietnamese. It is known that Lily enjoys engaging in conversations with foreign tourists, so if you happen to be in the Hoi An area, keep an eye out for her and say hello!

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