Woman Survives After Being Bitten By Venomous Snake Hidden Under Washing Machine: Here’s How



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Woman Survives After Being Bitten By Venomous Snake Hidden Under Washing Machine: Here’s How

By storyteller24

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A woman narrowly escaped death after being bitten on the ankle by a venomous snake that had hidden underneath her washing machine while she was going laundry at home. 

The 60-year-old, surnamed Huang, was bitten on Tuesday night while preparing to do laundry. 

Her family heard movement under the machine and disturbed the area with a stick, causing the venomous snake to emerge and bite Huang. 

Quick-thinking family members photographed the snake, allowing doctors to identify it as a Trimeresurus stejnegeri and administer the appropriate anti venom. 

This prompt action led to a swift reduction in her symptoms, saving her life. 

Dr. Hong from Nantou Hospital emphasized the importance of photographing a snake if bitten, as different species require specific anti venoms. 

He also cautioned against attempting home remedies like sucking out venom or applying oils, urging immediate medical attention to minimise infection risks. 

Fire authorities also advised the public on preventive measures, suggesting that maintaining a clean environment both indoors and around homes can deter snakes by reducing potential habitats such as rodent nests. 

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