Malaysian Family Forced To Leave Cameron Highlands Hotel At Night Due To Noisy Baby



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Malaysian Family Forced To Leave Cameron Highlands Hotel At Night Due To Noisy Baby

By sleepingbeauty

A recent guest's account sheds light on a troubling experience at a hotel, raising concerns about customer service and accommodation for families. 

The guest recounts their stay, expressing dissatisfaction with various aspects of the hotel's facilities and staff behaviour.

According to the guest, upon entering the room, it lacked basic amenities such as a fan and a television. They note that these deficiencies were not disclosed prior to their arrival. 

They also mention feeling scrutinized by the receptionist, who seemed to monitor their every move. Parking was another issue, with guests being left to find their own spaces without assistance.

Further frustrations arose when the guest attempted to relax in the hotel garden, only to be met with disapproving stares when they moved a chair, causing a slight noise. 

The guest also expresses disappointment with the perceived rudeness of another one of the staff members.

They claim to have been reprimanded by this staff member when their child laughed at 10:45 PM. Another incident involved a staff member knocking on their door while they were resting, claiming to have heard their child crying, despite the child being engaged in laughter. 

The guest states that their child is only a year old and questions how noisy they could possibly be.

The guest confronted the Indian staff member, expressing their dissatisfaction with the way they were approached. 

However, they allege that the staff member responded defensively, criticizing the guest's parenting skills and suggesting they leave if they cannot adhere to the rules. 

The guest mentions their patience despite the circumstances and asks about any policies regarding bringing a baby to the hotel, to which the staff member claims there are no restrictions. 

This prompts the guest to question what options they have when their baby cries late at night, especially without television to mask the sound. The staff member refers to the guest's failure to mention the presence of a child during the booking process and implies that it was their oversight.

Seeking a resolution, the guest requests a refund, but the staff member directs them to contact Agoda, the booking platform. 

Frustrated, the guest decides to check out, relocate to another hotel, and expresses the difficulty of this task at midnight. 

They urge readers to consider the impact such an experience would have on their own families.

This account serves as a reminder of the importance of quality customer service, clear communication, and understanding of the needs of guests, especially when it comes to families with young children. 

Addressing these concerns can significantly enhance the overall experience and reputation of hotels, fostering a welcoming environment for all guests.

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