WATCH: Netizens Riled Up Over Delivery Rider Who Parked Indiscriminately, Dismissing Request To Move Vehicle



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WATCH: Netizens Riled Up Over Delivery Rider Who Parked Indiscriminately, Dismissing Request To Move Vehicle

2 Weeks ago
By storyteller24

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The ignorance of a delivery rider who appeared to have dismissed a man's request to move his indiscriminately parked motorcycle has riled up social media users.

A video posted by @Ikram Sabri on Tiktok showed he had his car signal on and was waiting to enter a parking space in front of a physiotherapy centre to drop off his wheelchair bound father. Captions on the video read that Ikram was waiting for a man to load up a wheelchair in the boot before leaving the spot.

"Suddenly, this person just nonchalantly parked (his motorcycle) in front of me. All I wanted to do was go to the clinic but I have to face people like this?

"The problem is I want to enter the spot and the (Perodua) Aruz wants to reverse. 

"This kind of person (rider) exists?," said Ikram. He, however, told the rider that he wanted to enter the spot after the car, which already had its reverse lights on, exited. 

The rider was seen walking back to his machine but instead, turned back and headed towards a food stall. Ikram said he thought the rider wanted to move his motorcycle.

"But I kept my cool and stayed patient. I do not know why I was patient," he said.

This was despite his father, heard in video calling out to the rider, that he was wheelchair bound and was going to alight the car, amid the rain.

"Your parking isnt even right," said the father and the Perodua Aruz, too, was seen having slight difficulties in reversing as the motorcycle was parked too near. 

Seconds later, Ikram managed to park his car in front of the centre and was seen pushing his wheelchair bound father up a ramp and into the premises.

He was heard saying that all was good to the rider. 

"I am just too lazy to argue with someone with that mindset. You do not have sympathy for my father, bro? 

"Understood, maybe you do not have empathy. Imagine you are in my shoes. Your (delivery) order will not be lost even if you moved your motorcycle. 

"If this is your attitude, it is pitiful. You are lucky to come across someone patient. I do not know what will happen if it was someone else," he said.

Several TikTok users called for the delivery company to act against the rider. 

Paelysha wrote, "I do not judge but majority of riders are selfish. They park as they wish, ride against the flow and run the red light. (But if you) condemn them, many will back them up."

Wan Yellow said,"I am a rider myself and I am ashamed with his attitude."

Cik Dania commented,"I have always come across these riders. Sometimes, they will park behind our cars and we have to wait for them if we want to drive out of the spot."

Alin Alieya said she cried hearing Ikram's father's voice calling out to the rider.

Amewarocak said," I think the rider was wearing earbuds and he did not hear."

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