"No More Genting Runs!" Netizens React To New Genting Toll, Claims Now They Have To Find New "Tracks" For Touge



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"No More Genting Runs!" Netizens React To New Genting Toll, Claims Now They Have To Find New "Tracks" For Touge

By JustineG

Attention all car enthusiasts who enjoy cruising up to Genting, there's some unfortunate news circulating. Rumours suggest that a toll gantry might be established near the big Gohtong Jaya roundabout. Images of ongoing construction have been circulating on social media, indicating a potential toll cost ranging from RM2.50 to RM3.50. Surprisingly, the decision to install the toll gantry didn't come from the government, as the road leading to Genting is private property.


As of now, officials from Genting Highlands have yet to make any official announcements. However, speculation indicates that the toll collection aims to fund road maintenance and other related expenses. It's worth noting that drivers will only be charged upon entry to the tourist destination, with operations purportedly commencing in June next year.


The reactions from frequent drivers vary, with some disappointed that they'll have to seek alternative tracks for touge, while others are optimistic about the prospect of smoother roads and the potential for thrilling drifts and speed adventures. Additionally, some are questioning the feasibility of touge on Genting's roads, considering the numerous bumps that currently exist.

If the rumours turn out to be true, what are your thoughts on paying the toll when visiting Genting?

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