Ultimate Thai Horror Series : Netflix‘s Girl From Nowhere Season 2 | Based on real-life event : Rape, Bullying, Sexuality, etc.



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Ultimate Thai Horror Series : Netflix‘s Girl From Nowhere Season 2 | Based on real-life event : Rape, Bullying, Sexuality, etc.


Ever watched clips of a Thai dark horror series called "Girl from Nowhere" on social media? The story features a mysterious high school girl with bangs hair, named Nanno. She looks unfriendly when she's not smiling, but when she smiled, it makes you goosebumps all over! Nanno transferred to a new school in each episode, each where she expose lies, misdeeds, and the dark sides of human nature of the students and faculty and take REVENGE on them. 

"Girl from Nowhere" was launched on Netflix in 2018, with 13 short episodes during that season. Despite the horrifying and thrilling scenes, this series has attracts tons of attention, even from non-horror-lover audiences. One of the biggest reason is that the show addresses issues that were not frequently being shown on screen and that the protagonist - Nanno, gives each story a "satisfying" counter-back. 


After 3 long years of waiting, Netflix finally releases second season of "Girl From Nowhere" with 8 episodes in total, and it has set a new height in the horror film industries! 

The sequel of this horror series features the same girl, Nanno, and the same story opening, where she transfers to a new schools and "ended" some wrong-doings in a "gratifying" way. 

The 2nd season amplified the issues and the horror elements, with a more artistic touch (in a good way), which the underlying premises is better represented. Also, the 2nd season includes different moods and tones which is surprisingly refreshing for an horror series. For example, the 2nd episode actually started with an uplifting and optimistic feeling, rather than just staying in a downbeat and terrifying tone. 

"Girl From Nowhere" is an exceptional horror series that portrays not only bloody or violence scenes, but also lessons and values that makes you think and reflects on your lives. It makes you think twice before acting recklessly. 

One thing the story explains is that, who is this girl, Nanno? Was she sent by the god to punish the bad? 
We don't know. But, who cares. We don't need to know either. 

Here's the trailer for both Season 1 and Season 2 of Netflix's Girl From Nowhere

Season 1 

Season 2 

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