15 Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday



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15 Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday

By ellephant

Love comes so naturally to humans. Whether we're one who has been down that path, or one who hasn't, if it does happen, things just flow good. We end up loving a whole other person, flaws and all. There is hardly a problem when it comes to loving someone else.


Unfortunately though, the same cannot be said for when it comes to loving one's self. One of the biggest internal struggles most everyone go through, is being absolutely infatuated with themselves. 

Given, people are more open to understanding their worth and beauty, thanks to today's day and age, there are still a few things, we need to keep reminding ourselves, especially, on those days we forget. 

1. It's okay if you're far from flawless


Whether it's that love handle you hate, the acne on your face, the jealousy which often creeps in, or the way you cry way too much, it's okay. You're not perfect, and you shouldn't want to be because perfection is subjective. Covered with flaws, is what makes you, imperfectly you. 

2. It's okay if you don't take every chance


We're often told to 'grab life by the balls', 'take every chance you get', 'you won't know if you don't try', and those are all valid sayings for sure. However, sometimes, we're not ready, or we don't want to, and that is fine. It isn't a problem if you would like to take a backseat, every once in awhile. 

3. It's okay if you forget your own magic


You're magical. Every single person carries a little bit of magic in them. But, it's difficult to see it, especially in ourselves, and even if that can be a reason to beat ourselves up about it, remember that you shouldn't. You sometimes don't see what you're worth, and that's not something to hate yourself for. 

4. It's okay if you ask more than you answer


Believe it or not, the world can be your oyster and you can be still lost at sea, at the same time. Asking when you're unsure, or seeking clarity is a positive attribute. Life is an ever-learning, an ever-growing curve, and it's normal to not have all the answers. 

5. It's okay if you struggle to choose


What is life, if it's not a series of choices? Wherever we've been, wherever we are and wherever we're going, they all happened, and will happen, because we chose, and will continue to choose, one thing or the other. But sometimes, it's too difficult to choose, sometimes we're stuck in the middle of the two, and most times, that's alright. 

6. It's okay if you say the wrong thing


As people move and grow, there is so much we have yet to know. Sometimes, that may result in saying not the best things. It's okay if we slip up, the important part is wanting to try again, to learn from it and to become better versions of ourselves, because of it. 

7. It's okay if you don't feel great


No one is 100% all day everyday. We all have our bad days, some people more so than others. Instead of feeling bad, for feeling bad, tell yourself that you're entitled to not feel at your best. Tell yourself that maybe tomorrow, it would be a better day, even if you don't know that to be true. 

8. It's okay if you can't please everyone


We weren't put on this Earth, as means to please other people. We came here alone, and when we leave, we'll leave alone. The only thing which should matter, is that we're satisfied with the life lived while we were here, and that it isn't your problem if not everyone is good with that. 

9. It's okay if you don't act your age


It isn't time which shapes us as individuals. It is our surroundings, our experiences, the people in our lives. How we develop and grow, shouldn't be dependent on the amount of years we've lived. You could be 23 and still be so much more aware, than someone who is 53. Age doesn't define wisdom. 

10. It's okay if you move at your own pace


If the one thing life is really not, it is a race. Most times, we find ourselves constantly needing to, for instance, get a job by 25, a car by 27, a spouse by 29, a house by 30. But it's important to remember that not everyone moves at that pace. We all have our individual timelines, and the best gift we can give ourselves, is to abide by it. 

11. It's okay if you overthink 


Stressing too much can be physically, emotionally and mentally harmful. Oftentimes though, we can't help ourselves. We worry too much about every little detail. But despite the negative connotations it brings, also keep it mind that it's perfectly fine to do it anyways. 

12. It's okay if you put yourself first


It's more than okay to put yourself first, it's vital. People come and go, and we have no control over who walks in, who walks out. But through it all, it is important to always know, that the best thing anyone can do for themselves, is what's best for them. 

13. It's okay if you break your own rules


We all have principles, we all have opinions, we all have views, we all have certain stands we take in life. But sometimes, we break those rules, we make and re-make mistakes, we choose wrongly. But that's okay. 

14. It's okay if you sometimes like being alone


Everyone is wired differently. Some people, like to spend most their time around others, some prefer it around themselves. It's not a problem if you like spending time with you, and mostly you. You're not obliged to socialize with anyone if you don't want to. 

15. It's okay if you struggle with self-love


Learning to tell yourself that 'it's okay if', isn't a piece of cake. Self-love is difficult beyond all measure, and it's okay if you constantly fail at it. Just remember the key is getting back up, and trying till you win. 

We're all a work in progress, and there is a world of things out there for us to absorb, savor. Amidst the throws of life though, it is important to stop for a bit, and remind yourself that despite everything, it's okay. It's okay to be human. 

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