Regretful Malaysian Staff Returns Stolen Cash To Shop Owner with An Apology



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Regretful Malaysian Staff Returns Stolen Cash To Shop Owner with An Apology

By storyteller24

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A Malaysian convenience store franchise owner recently experienced a lovely surprise in the form of a letter. Shahhul Hamed Sanudin, who owns the MY Station convenience store in Perak, took to Facebook to share how his former staff had returned money that was stolen from the cash register.

"Salam to Boss Hamid, I used to work here and I took some money from the cashier previously. Now Im returning the money I took. I apologize for my past actions," the letter read. Shahhul's post was accompanied with a photo of his left hand holding the letter containing some RM50 notes alongside the handwritten letter.

"Please don't do it again," Shahhul thanked the former staff for their honesty in his post.

In a separate Facebook post, the businessman said he has accepted his former staff's apology and praised them for boldly owning up to their mistake.

"To my ex-staff, I've accepted your apology. I'm impressed by your action, not everyone can do the same as what you did. Congratulations young man!" he posted on Facebook.

Many who came across Shahhul's post praised the former staff and some even expressed empathy for whatever circumstances the staff was in.

"Alhamdulillah for his honesty. Maybe he was in a tight spot at the moment," Facebook user Mohd Zamri commented.

"A great person indeed," Danalis Khabi said.

"His honesty should be admired," Faiz Fairuz commented on Shahhul's Facebook post.

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