Netizens Outraged As Ignorant Drivers Park Petrol-Powered Cars In Electric Vehicle Parking Spots



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Netizens Outraged As Ignorant Drivers Park Petrol-Powered Cars In Electric Vehicle Parking Spots

By storyteller24

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Netizens are fuming over some ignorant drivers who conveniently parked their normal petrol-powered cars at the Electric Vehicle (EV) parking spots.

A picture showcasing improper parking habits by three cars' owners including a Perodua Bezza and two Vios was posted by user @ohtweet on X.

It drew criticism and widespread sharing on X and managed to garner 64,000 views and counting since it was posted earlier today.

User @ohtweet strongly criticized the situation, labelling the individuals as ignorant and oblivious due to their actions.

"They're a species of blind, deaf, and stupid. They must have wanted to plug their charger into the exhaust."

In response, @khairulamirin7 suggested reporting the incident directly to management and taking action by clamping the cars' tires.

"Report it directly to management. Clamp their car tires! The logo is big, indicating a special spot for charging EVs, but they pretended not to see it."

"I think there should already be security/staff to oversee this. It's so obvious how foolish that is." said @leprachauss in the comment section.

Meanwhile, @shahrizan76 advocated for stricter enforcement, recommending that cars parked in such a manner be towed away, with the towing fee imposed as a penalty on the car owner.

Meanwhile, @Sauffie_84 said that the drivers' irresponsible parking wasn't due to stupidity but rather a selfish attitude of indifference towards others.

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