WATCH: “Sister In Red” Forged A Receipt & Transferred RM0.01 To The Merchant For A Watch That Cost RM54



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WATCH: “Sister In Red” Forged A Receipt & Transferred RM0.01 To The Merchant For A Watch That Cost RM54

4 Days ago
By storyteller24

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A few days ago, when a woman bought a watch at Pasar Malam, she originally paid RM54, but she actually forged a receipt and only paid RM0.01 to the merchant. As a result, she was caught on the spot.

According to reports from Sin Chew Daily, the incident occurred at the Sungai Petani Uptown night market in Kedah, and the persons involved were a man and a woman.

@aryssaaddena SCAM ALERT !! #uptownsp original sound - ᴀʀʏ | ʀᴀᴄᴜɴ ᴠɪʀᴀʟ

According to the merchant @aryssaaddena , the female customer purchased a watch worth RM54 for only one cent (RM0.01). The customer transferred the money through an online transaction and then edited the payment receipt in an attempt to mislead the merchant.

The merchant discovered the fraud after re-checking and found that the amount did not match.

It is reported that the man and woman originally planned to repeat the same trick in other stores. Fortunately, they were discovered and stopped the two from continuing their mistakes.

The woman involved said that after seeing her friends "successfully" pay in this way many times, she wanted to try it, and this was the first time she "took it", and she was caught.

The merchant shared the video on TikTok to remind other merchants to pay more attention. As a result, it aroused heated discussion and was viewed nearly 1.2 million times. 

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