Mom & Daughter Reunites After Being Taken By Dad As A Baby



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Mom & Daughter Reunites After Being Taken By Dad As A Baby

By JustineG

It is undoubtedly difficult for a child to grow up without the love and attention of a mother.

That was the life story of a woman in Thailand who was separated from her birth mother when she was only a year old.

However, the love between mother and daughter finally reconnected after 32 years apart.

It was reported that the mother, Suwan Thothong, was separated from her daughter, Sangdao, when the child was only one year old, and taken away by her husband at that time.

After the incident, Suwan tried to find her daughter but was unsuccessful.

After 32 years, they were reunited when one of Suwan's relatives found Sangdao's name on Facebook.

Sangdao and her mother's relative started communicating through social media before deciding to seek their help to be reunited with her mother.

She also told the relatively known through Facebook that her father had passed away and that she was now married and had children.

Sangdao, who is now 33 years old, revealed that her father took her to the Si Sa Ket district when she was one year and three months old.

Thus, she grew up without the love of her mother and she cannot remember anything about her birth mother.

According to Sangdao, she also tried to find her mother but there was no further information as her father only told her that her mother lived in the Prakhon Chai district in Buri Ram province.

She was very grateful and happy to be reunited with her mother because, before this, she thought her mother had passed away.

The reunion of these two caused many netizens in the country to be moved when they saw the mother and daughter embracing tightly and unable to hold back tears when reunited.

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