"You're The Selfish One!!" Local News Anchor Faces Backlash For Criticising Parents With Strollers Occupying Lifts In KLCC



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"You're The Selfish One!!" Local News Anchor Faces Backlash For Criticising Parents With Strollers Occupying Lifts In KLCC

By JustineG

Social media undeniably holds significant influence, allowing individuals to voice their opinions publicly. However, this freedom of expression can sometimes stir controversy when viewpoints clash. Local news anchor and journalist Malik Ridhwan found himself embroiled in such a situation when he took to Instagram Stories to vent about what he perceived as selfish behavior among parents with strollers.

In his post, Malik recounted an encounter with a parent at Suria KLCC one weekend. He expressed frustration, stating, "They're so insistent on cramming their twin stroller into a crowded lift and even have the audacity to ask others to vacate the lift. You're the one who can't simply carry your baby and seems to rely heavily on that ridiculous twin stroller." 

Malik concluded his Stories post by condemning such behavior, remarking, "Good lord, individuals like this selfishly expect others to prioritize their foolishness."


Netizens swiftly criticized Malik for his online rant, with one commenter remarking, "If you're not disabled, please use the escalator. There's no need to argue over a spot with parents with twin strollers in the elevator, as the latter is prioritized for OKU, pregnant women, parents with strollers, and babies. Selfish, but pointing fingers." 


Many observed a lack of empathy from Malik towards the challenges faced by parents and individuals with disabilities. Some disabled individuals even expressed their reluctance to visit malls due to such encounters, highlighting the ongoing issue of overcrowded lifts. 

Presently, Malik has made all his social media accounts private, prompting some to question why a person exhibiting rude behavior was hired by a local news platform. As of now, Malik Ridhwan has not issued any further statements or indicated whether he regrets his remarks.

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