WATCH: Burger Seller Shares Her Ivy League Admission Dream Come True Story



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WATCH: Burger Seller Shares Her Ivy League Admission Dream Come True Story

By storyteller24

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From helping her mother sell burgers on the streets of Selayang to being accepted into an ivy league university in the United States, Azida Azmi's young life journey has inspired many. Azida, who goes by @gniwoem on TikTok, now studies at the prestigious Columbia University in New York.

Online, she expressed disbelief how she, who is just a street vendor's daughter, would experience such joy by flying to the US to further her education. Through a video posted on her TikTok page, Azida showed her beginning her journey at home in Malaysia before finally landing in New York.

@gniwoem From UiTM to Columbia :D Worked hard to climb my way up, but even now, it still feels a bit blurry. But thats okay, Ill just keep going. I have always been someone who is scared of taking space, unsure if I have the capacity of building my own table. But then again, I dont really have a choice, I have to shamelessly make room for myself in spaces where Im not welcomed, because I have a family to take care of :) My Columbia journey begins :D #fyp #uitm #columbiauniversity #postgraduate #studentlife Scott street x i know the end - ella

Azida- who is also the child of an immigrant- admitted that she had to work hard to get to where she is now, with the determination that none of her family members would become immigrants again.

Azida explained that her mother, who is originally from Indonesia, came to Malaysia when she was young, who then later married her father and had obtained a permanent resident status (PR) to remain indefinitely.

"From Selayang to New York, the story of a burger seller's child... I didn't expect this day to come because I thought I would only sell burgers with my mother.

"My parents couldn't continue their education, so I pursued that dream on their behalf," she said.

Azida also mentioned that even though she wanted to cry, she had to be strong because sadness and loneliness would only destroy her.

"My mental state was suffering and I recited Surah Al-Fatihah three times to calm myself... I had to go through everything on my own to face any challenges," she said.

Azida's TikTok video received 6,511 likes and 299 comments from netizens, most of whom encouraged her to continue to succeed and congratulated her on her achievement.

"It's an inspiring story. Congratulations and may you succeed in the US... I'm excited to learn about all the preparation processes," commented @Data freak.

User @Uddin commented: "Thank you for making us proud, people of Selayang."

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