WATCH: ‘One Piece' Smashes Netflix Record, Surpasses 'Wednesday' & 'Stranger Things', Tops Chart In 84 Countries



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WATCH: ‘One Piece' Smashes Netflix Record, Surpasses 'Wednesday' & 'Stranger Things', Tops Chart In 84 Countries

By storyteller24

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Monkey D. Luffy and his lively Straw Hat Pirates crew in the Netflix live-action adaptation of One Piece, have shattered a monumental record on the streaming platform.

According to a MovieWeb, the series currently holds the title of the most popular TV show claiming the top spot on Netflix's top series worldwide in 84 countries, leading in total online audience engagement.

The series made its premiere on August 31 and the milestone was achieved in less than a week, breaking a record previously set by two dominant originals, namely Wednesday and Stranger Things Season Four.

The live-action series is based on Eiichiro Odas best-selling manga and anime and is co-produced by Netflix and Tomorrow Studios. The series adaptation series brings to life legendary high-seas adventures unlike any other.

The main character, Luffy, is a young adventurer who sets off from his small village to embark on a journey to find the legendary fabled treasure, One Piece, to become the king of pirates. He, however, needs to assemble a crew to help him find a ship to sail and search every inch of the vast blue seas.

Critics and fans alike have been praising the series, which is seen as having broken the 'curse' that plagued live manga and anime adaptations. The series is certified 'Fresh' by Rotten Tomatoes, with a score of 83% by critics and a whopping 96% by audiences and is rated 8,5/10 on IMDB.

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