WATCH: "S'poreans Are Rude!" Traveller Lists Down 4 Reasons Why She Doesn't Like Singapore



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WATCH: "S'poreans Are Rude!" Traveller Lists Down 4 Reasons Why She Doesn't Like Singapore

By sleepingbeauty

A recent TikTok video has gone viral in Singapore after a traveller shared her experiences in the country, capturing the attention of many.

Known as @gracietravels, this TikTok user listed several reasons why Singapore isn't her favourite destination, drawing diverse responses from netizens, particularly among Singaporeans.

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Having travelled to 33 countries, Grace highlighted that one of the main reasons she wasn't fond of Singapore was due to encounters with what she described as "rude locals."

She shared an incident at the airport with a taxi driver who didn't smile, insisted she handles her luggage herself and inquired about her income an experience that left her with mixed feelings.

The second reason she wasn't enamoured with Singapore was the perception that it lacked an "Asian feel," with elements leaning more towards Western influences. Grace attributed this to the significant number of tourists and expatriates in the country during her visit.

Another factor contributing to her discontent was the steep prices of goods in Singapore. Grace noted that her stay at Marina Bay Sands incurred substantial expenses, questioning why the hotel's pool attracted so much attention when there were seemingly better alternatives available.

She also expressed challenges in finding affordable restaurants with delicious food, leading her to frequent hawker centres for meals. Being curious, she asked her followers what other activities they could engage in beyond eating and shopping.

Lastly, she pointed out the lack of natural attractions in Singapore, feeling that everything was artificially designed solely for entertainment. She likened the country to "Asia's Las Vegas."

While some locals refuted her claims, others shared similar sentiments, and a few criticized her decision to stay at the pricey Marina Bay Sands despite complaining about expenses.

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