WATCH: Mother Claims Premature Baby Suffered Brain Haemorrhage After Being Dropped By Nurse



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WATCH: Mother Claims Premature Baby Suffered Brain Haemorrhage After Being Dropped By Nurse

By storyteller24

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A mother claims that her premature baby suffered a brain haemorrhage and fractured skull after being dropped by a nurse at a hospital.

The woman, known only as Azie, posted a video of her newborn, who she claims also suffered from skull fractures.


16hb7.11.30pm ibu di kejutkan oleh pehak hospital memberi thu bby ibu terjatuh oleh nurse yg x bertanggungjawab telah terjatuh kn bby ibu yg masih kecil yg xckup blun.. Skrg bby ibu ada perdarahan di bahagian otak, retak tulang kepale belah kire, ya Allah luluh ati ibu dn papa dgr berita itu, ya Allah aku redha dugaan dn hujian yg ko beri pd kami, dgn segera nye aku lki bini membuat report polis, atas kecederaan pd bby kami, smoga Allah permudahkan segala nye demi ank ibu yg baru nk membesar, ibu tgu kepulangan ank ibu selame 2bln 10hri di wad hri2 ibu doa supaya ank ibu cpt sht dn membesar dgn sht nye, tpi oleh nurse yg cuai buat keje terlah jatuh kn cmtu je ank ibu, dh di jatuh kn tpi xnk mucul kan diri tuk ber jmpe ibu dn papa. Ati ibu xblh time perbuatan dia,, smoga Allah yg tentukan segalanya ibu xsgup kehilangan ank ibu..

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"On July 16, I was shocked when told by the official at the hospital that my baby was dropped by a nurse because my premature newborn is too small. Now my baby has a brain haemorrhage and a crack on the skull. Mum and dad are saddened to hear the news," she wrote, adding that a police report had been lodged.

Azie, however, did not reveal any information on the hospital involved.

Azie also voiced her disappointment at the nurse, whom she claimed had yet to meet her and her husband. "I waited for my baby for two months and 10 days at the ward. I pray every day for my baby to get better and grow healthily, but her negligence (affected her baby's health). The nurse didn't even come and meet my husband and me. I can't accept what happened," she wrote.

Azie's posting garnered support from the public, who wished her baby would recover.

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