WATCH: Father Installs Padlock On Fridge To Control Kids’ Chocolate Addiction



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WATCH: Father Installs Padlock On Fridge To Control Kids’ Chocolate Addiction

By storyteller24

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Too much of a good thing can become bad, and that is true when it comes to consuming too many sugary snacks.

A couple recently shared an ingenious way to control their childrens addiction to snacks in the fridge.

In a TikTok video shared by Ani Wanis, she showed her husband installing a padlock latch on the mini-fridge.

Ani wrote in the caption that her children couldnt stop eating chocolates so her husband jumped into action. It was implied in the comments that the children refused to eat rice after eating chocolates.

The mini fridge, filled to the brim with an assortment of chocolates, also has two child safety latches flanking the padlock latch.

The video then pans out slightly to show two children looking sheepishly at the lengths their parents went through to control their sugar intake.

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While it was an amusing solution, netizens wondered whether it would have been simpler if the couple stopped buying snacks altogether.

Some admitted seeing the fridge filled with chocolates made them want to eat them all too. The video prompted netizens to advise Ani to buy chocolates in small amounts monthly to teach her children self-control.

For those who wondered why the fridge was filled to the brim, Ani shared that the chocolates were bought in Langkawi.

Meanwhile, some expressed worry that drilling into the fridge might damage the appliances efficiency and function. They also worried that the family might lose the key to the padlock.

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