Netizen Warns: “Beware Of Fishmongers Keeping Fish Slices To Resell,” Sparks Resonance



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Netizen Warns: “Beware Of Fishmongers Keeping Fish Slices To Resell,” Sparks Resonance

3 Days ago
By storyteller24

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Who else has had a similar experience? 

A viral social media post by a netizen warns about deceptive practices by fishmongers at local markets. 

The user shared an experience of being "cheated" when buying large fish, advising others to closely supervise the cutting process to prevent fishmongers from keeping pieces to resell. 

"No matter which market you go to, you need to observe and supervise. Why? Because I have been 'cheated' before, so I've become 'smarter'," the post read. 

"When buying 4 to 5kg of large fish, be extra cautious. They tend to cut the fish in a concealed corner and might keep a few pieces for themselves," the post continued. 

These piece can then be resold to other customers at prices up to RM4 per piece, and if it's red fish, the price can go up to RM12 per piece. 

To avoid being shortchanged, the netizen advised, "Always weigh the fish again after its been cut, but remember to deduct the weigh of the innards yourself," to ensure no pieces are missing. 

The post also highlighted similar tactics used by fruit sellers who might sneakily remove one or two fruits when packaging. 

The post quickly resonated with many, who shared their own stories. Comments flooded in, such as "I never let vendors cut fish or meat for me; I prefer to do it at home," "If its expensive fish, I always take it home to cut myself."

Another user recounted their experience with buying chicken, only to find part of the meat missing after asking the vendor to cut it. 

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