WATCH: KFC Staff Dancing To Relieve Stress Gave Everyone A Good Laugh



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WATCH: KFC Staff Dancing To Relieve Stress Gave Everyone A Good Laugh

By storyteller24

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A viral video showing KFC staff dancing has garnered over 55k likes and 11k comments and counting.

The video, on its own, is pretty ordinary. It showed a KFC staff in a red shirt mimicking rap while making strange sounds. Meanwhile, another staff awkwardly twerked behind his colleague. However, the caption accompanying the video took the cake.

With whats happening in Gaza, some people are actively boycotting any companies that have ties to Israel and the United States such as KFC and McDonalds.

This led locally-owned international franchises here to attempt some form of damage control by revealing that the company has no ties to Israel and the United States.

Netizens found the video hilarious. Someone assumed that the staff attempting to rap had a chicken bone stuck in his throat while the person dancing behind him was suffering from a slipped disc.

If you're wondering whats going on in the video, a netizen helped shed light a little. The netizen claimed that the staff were disabled and were just letting off some steam since there were not many customers in the shop.

The one attempting to rap is allegedly mute and doesn't know he sounded that way. Meanwhile, the person dancing is allegedly learning disabled and was just releasing stress because the lack of customers would affect their earnings in the long run.

If the claims are true, both men should be commended for their courage to be themselves and have fun to release tension.

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