Malaysians Are Participating In #Blockout2024 By Boycotting Celebrities



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Malaysians Are Participating In #Blockout2024 By Boycotting Celebrities

By ellephant

#Blockout2024 started trending on socials yesterday (13 May), as netizens far and wide started ‘blocking’ international and local artists all around the globe, for their lack of activism with regards to Gaza.

A #blocklist was quickly created, naming 90 over international artists. Malaysian netizens also followed suit, and added to the list, by creating one for local artists in the country.

The Malaysian celebrity and influener blocklist consists of 30 names and they are:

Spreading like wildfire, artists have since lost many followers due to the cause, with the eventual hopes that they would use their platform, as some means to help stop the violence on Gaza.

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