WATCH: Bangsar Nasi Kandar Crew Wins Hearts For Clearing Fallen Tree In The Rain



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WATCH: Bangsar Nasi Kandar Crew Wins Hearts For Clearing Fallen Tree In The Rain

2 Weeks ago
By storyteller24

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A group of dedicated employees from a Nasi Kandar restaurant in Bangsar received accolades from netizens for their swift and selfless action in clearing a fallen tree obstructing a road during heavy rain.

A 24-second video, shared by user @salim.hanafiah, captured the commendable efforts of four men dressed in their work attire and aprons as they worked together to remove the fallen tree at a junction.

Despite facing challenges in the pouring rain, the team successfully cleared the obstruction, allowing traffic to flow smoothly.

@salim.hanafiah Hebat pekerja mamak alihkan pokok terbaik #malaysia #bangsar Doa Hujan - Barokah

The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 391,700 views and 13,300 likes, with netizens expressing admiration for their good deed.

One user, @Sam, humorously remarked: "(They) carry large pans of biryani rice every day. A tree like this is no big deal for them."

Expressing gratitude, @Sofina commented, "Thank you, brothers, for taking a huge risk removing the tree during heavy rain. They still do it despite the danger. Thank you very much."

User @Bridge added a touch of appreciation for the employees, stating: "They have the best hearts. I love their curry, too."

The incident showcased the employees' dedication to their community. It resonated with social media users who lauded their commitment and bravery in ensuring smooth traffic flow during adverse weather conditions.

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