Trade In and Get Up To RM3350 To Buy Your New iPhone!



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Trade In and Get Up To RM3350 To Buy Your New iPhone!

By xweienx

In case you didn't know, the iPhone 13 lineup is already up for pre-orders and the first customers will be getting them in less than a week! If you clicked into this article, you're probably like me and a little tempted to get your hands on the latest and greatest iPhone technology. However, as it is every year, the price just seems unjustifiable!  

Well, take a good hard look at your current apple devices. Do they look to be in good condition? Then, I have good news. You can now trade in your apple products and get up to RM3350! That means you can easily get the latest iPhone for even less than RM1000!

Both of the most recognized Apple authorized reseller in Malaysia - Switch and Machines have their own trade-in programs with their own prices (albeit those prices being very similar). You can check them out here:

Switch Trade-in Trade Up Program

Machines Trade-in Program  

For reference, the RM3350 we've been raving on about can be obtained by trading in the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max (at both Machines and Switch), while the brand new iPhone 13 of the same storage capacity will cost RM5299. That means you can upgrade your year old phone to the latest one for less than 2k!  

Now of course, your phone's condition has to be at least acceptable, that means:

- Minimal or no scratches

- No dents

- No cracked screen or back glass

- No water damage  

So, head over to the Machines website and Switch website, compare your prices for the best deal, and upgrade your phone! Then, remember to take good care of it so that it'll be ready for trade in again when the next big thing comes out! Hehe!

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