Malay Staff Expresses Discomfort Over Team's Alcohol Celebrations, Netizens Offer Advice To Address The Issue



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Malay Staff Expresses Discomfort Over Team's Alcohol Celebrations, Netizens Offer Advice To Address The Issue

By JustineG

An anonymous individual recently sought advice on NGL (a popular online platform), expressing their discomfort with the workplace culture in their multinational corporation (MNC). 

Out of a team of 20, only four team members are Malaysians, and the team frequently celebrates with beer and alcohol. Feeling out of place, the individual questioned whether it was just them.

In response, netizens provided valuable advice to the anonymous poster. They emphasized the importance of setting personal boundaries and communicating openly with colleagues. 

One suggestion was to express discomfort and propose alternatives, such as opting for alcohol-free dinners or gatherings. By voicing concerns, the individual can assert their preferences and seek a compromise that aligns with their values.

Furthermore, a Muslim woman working in the advertising industry shared her own experiences. She offered tips on dealing with situations that may not comply with Shariah law. 

These included knowing one's tolerance level, politely declining events involving pork, and gracefully declining alcoholic drinks. She also emphasized the importance of leaving parties early, as drinking behaviour tends to intensify later in the evening.

The woman also advised seeking the company of like-minded individuals who either do not drink or consume alcohol minimally. She shared an anecdote about how sticking with a group of protective individuals helped deter unwanted advances and harassment. 

Additionally, she suggested using the "Mother card" as a powerful tool to exit uncomfortable situations, as nobody would dare defy a mother's wishes.

When faced with projects involving alcohol, cigarettes, or activities deemed haram, the woman recommended discussing the issue with a supervisor, expressing religious constraints, and requesting a transfer to other assignments that are more suitable.

In conclusion, the conversation highlighted various strategies to navigate and thrive within an MNC environment without compromising personal values. It emphasized the importance of respectful communication and maintaining boundaries while finding common ground with colleagues. 

The tips provided by netizens aimed to empower individuals to navigate such situations effectively.

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