Couple Spent RM1,000 On Wedding, Rather Focus On Life After Marriage



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Couple Spent RM1,000 On Wedding, Rather Focus On Life After Marriage

2 Weeks ago
By Grace Sundram

Just because some would like to have a lavish wedding, many couples spend a lot of money and even go into debt.

That isn't the case for this Malaysian couple, though. Not caring what the rest of the world thought, they held a wedding for less than RM1000.

Was it possible? YES.

Everything was kept simple, money was spent sensibly, and nothing was squandered since they believe life after marriage is much more significant than a lavish ceremony. 

The bride recently revealed the budget of her low-key wedding on Twitter.

Nur Ashiekin Johari Hamki (@ashiekinhamki), 25, and Ahmad Farith Zulkefli (@farithareyed), 26, were married on March 3, 2023, at the Malacca Religious Affairs Department.

Because they had a low wedding budget, they hired friends to be their phone-grapher for the day and took photos at the religious office where they got married at the pelamin that was already there.

In addition to that, the dowry, religious imam and witnesses in the religious office cost around RM380 and as for the bride's wedding attire, she chose to wear something from her closet along with doing her own makeup for the day. 

The only thing she spent RM55 was for the henna.

As the oldest of nine children, Ashiekin noted that as a result of seeing how difficult it was to make money, she decided to plan the wedding modestly.

She reported that she and her husband spent more time planning for their life after marriage since they anticipated needing more money for things like furniture, bills, and groceries.

Ashiekin also continued to state that she didn't ditch anything in terms of customary traditions as she spoke to her parents about the situation and made them understand what was needed for the wedding and what was not.

Nevertheless, it's certainly pleasant to read stories like these since, in the end, she did make a sensible financial choice, and in the end, simplicity is good.

You are there to celebrate your special day with your loved ones and if you could make do with what you got then that's all that matters. 

Instead of beginning your marriage with debts, set aside money for the two of you to begin living a balanced life.

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Grace Sundram

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