WATCH: 17-Year-Old Boy Lost Half Of His Leg & Died On The Spot When 2 Motorcycles Collided Head-On



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WATCH: 17-Year-Old Boy Lost Half Of His Leg & Died On The Spot When 2 Motorcycles Collided Head-On

By storyteller24

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Recently, a video of a horrific car accident went viral online, showing a motorcyclist breaking his leg on the spot, with half of his calf falling to the ground!

From the video posted on the social platform X "MALAYSIA MOST VIRAL", it can be seen that the ground at the crime scene was littered with fragments of motorcycle parts, and a group of people were comforting an injured man lying on the ground.

What is shocking is that there is a half-broken calf near the man!

According to Sin Chew Daily, the fatal accident occurred on June 11, 2024, at around 7:40 pm, on the road from Jalan Jerus towards Kok Lanas in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Two motorcycles collided head-on, causing one young rider to break his leg and die on the spot, while the other two riders were seriously injured.

Pasir Puteh police district chief Superintendent Syed Surisa said that at the time of the incident, the 17-year-old deceased was riding a motorcycle alone from Kok Lanas to Kota Bharu. When passing the scene of the incident, a motorcycle carrying two men, aged 18 and 21, allegedly lost control and collided head-on with the two vehicles.

It is understood that after the violent collision, one of the deceased's legs was broken and fell on the road, and he died on the spot. The other two seriously injured riders were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

It's so scary! I hope all road users will pay attention to safety.

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