Customers Horrified To Find Battery In Hot Pot Soup At JB Restaurant



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Customers Horrified To Find Battery In Hot Pot Soup At JB Restaurant

By JustineG

In a bizarre incident at a hot pot restaurant in Johor, patrons were left appalled after finding a large battery in their soup. The incident has raised serious concerns about food safety and the restaurant's negligence in ensuring customer well-being.;crop_down;webp=auto;jpeg_quality=70

During the busy lunch hour, a customer arrived at the restaurant accompanied by a 2-year-old child and friends. Due to limited seating availability, they were directed to a private dining room. Little did they know that their seemingly innocent lunch would turn into a nightmare.

After indulging in the hot pot for over an hour, the diners were shocked to discover a sizable battery among the ingredients in their soup. The battery had been cooking in the broth for an extended period, presenting a potential hazard had it exploded. They promptly brought the matter to the attention of the restaurant staff.

Seeking an explanation, the concerned customer approached the supervisor and requested to examine the battery further and take a photo of the item. However, they were denied the opportunity as the supervisor claimed it had already been disposed of. This lackadaisical response only added to their growing disappointment and frustration.

To address the issue, the customers insisted on reviewing the CCTV footage from the kitchen, hoping to shed light on how the battery ended up in their meal. Shockingly, they were informed that the kitchen was not equipped with any surveillance cameras, raising questions about the restaurant's adherence to standard safety protocols.

As the customers sought recourse, the staff made half-hearted attempts to rectify the situation. Initially, they offered a discount on the hot pot base, but the customers were still expected to pay for other menu items. Subsequently, the restaurant owner intervened, assuring them that the hot pot base would be provided free of charge and even offered them free desserts. However, the lack of a comprehensive resolution left the customers dissatisfied and concerned about potential health risks.

Worried about the potential consequences of ingesting the battery and the impact it might have on their child's health, the customers took the restaurant's contact number and decided to seek medical attention immediately. Although there were no visible injuries, the presence of heavy metals and potentially harmful substances in the battery raised fears of long-term health effects. The restaurant's owner then offered to cover the medical expenses for seven days, and nothing more.

Despite the restaurant owner offering to cover medical expenses, the lack of a sincere apology and comprehensive resolution left the customers dissatisfied.

The customers took further action by lodging a complaint with the restaurant's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, demanding accountability and a proper resolution to the distressing incident. 

They also went forward by filing a police report in which the police speculated by the photo provided that the item could be an electronic cigarette. 

As authorities investigate the incident further, it is hoped that the incident will serve as a wake-up call for the food industry to prioritise customer safety and implement robust measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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