Man Buys KFC for Family: Instead of Fried Chicken, They Find an iPhone!



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Man Buys KFC for Family: Instead of Fried Chicken, They Find an iPhone!

By xweienx

No thanks to the MCO, many people who are working outstation haven't been able to go home until recently when the cross-state restrictions have been lifted. While some are just happy to be able to see their family once again, a 22 year old Malaysian man had other ideas!

According to reports, the man had been working in Selangor and haven't seen his family for over a year. As soon as he heard that interstate travel restrictions will soon be lifted, he started saving up money to prepare a big surprise for his family.

Finally, the day had come for him to head back. 

He bought some KFC along the way and asked for some empty boxes. He then hid the surprise gifts inside these boxes and went in to his house.


His sister who was pretty excited for KFC was the first to find her surprise. She was shocked to find her gift inside and adorably closed the box again, not believing the iPhone she saw!


The next was his mother who received a gold ring. She was quick to put it on to show off her son's love!


His father received a watch and was instantly brought to tears. Can you imagine how proud he is of his son?


Last, but not least, his brother, who received a pair of sandals (we're pretty sure these are branded too haha).

This lovely surprise definitely brought a smile to his family but I'm sure they're happier about seeing him come home! 

Here's the full video:

kfc IPhone surprise Family


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