WATCH: Illegal Parking Caused Standstill Traffic for 10 Minutes, 2 Drivers were Criticised For Being Selfish & Brainless



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WATCH: Illegal Parking Caused Standstill Traffic for 10 Minutes, 2 Drivers were Criticised For Being Selfish & Brainless

4 Days ago
By storyteller24

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Two car drivers parked their cars randomly for the sake of convenience, resulting in a traffic jam that prevented other vehicles from passing for a full 10 minutes, making netizens furious & calling them "selfish & brainless!" 

A netizen named Hassan recently uploaded a video on his TIkTok account @chiefhasan, pointing out that two cars caused other cars to be innocently implicated due to their selfish parking behaviour. 


Asal boleh nak parking

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In the video, two cars were parking in opposite directions of the same road. As the number of vehicles increased, the lanes on both sides were blocked, preventing other cars from passing. 

It is understood that the car owners who parked their cars on both sides did not leave their contact information, so the security personnel had to look for the car owners everywhere. After a lot of searching, they finally found one of the car owners who came to move the car away, thus solving the dilemma of being unable to pass the car. 

After the video was uploaded to social media, it caused heated discussion among netizens, who angrily criticised the two car owners for their selfish behaviour. However, the other car owners who were stuck at the scene were also criticised by netizens for being brainless. 

"The left lane is so wide, why is no car willing to give way?" 

"As long as there is a car on the left willing to move into the empty space on the left, or the last car is willing to back up, then the traffic will not be blocked for no reason." 

"I can only say that people who park randomly are selfish, and people who refuse to give way are brainless." 

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