"I Cannot Bear To Abandon Them!” Malay Man From S'wak Adopts 7 Homeless Pups & Mother, Citing Strong Emotional Bond



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"I Cannot Bear To Abandon Them!” Malay Man From S'wak Adopts 7 Homeless Pups & Mother, Citing Strong Emotional Bond

By JustineG

Due to religious beliefs, many Muslims tend to avoid dogs. However, there are those who demonstrate the spirit of "caring for animals regardless of religion" through their actions. 


According to reports, this Malay man in Sarawak couldn't bear to see his neighbour's dogs left homeless on the streets after their owner passed away. He made a bold decision to adopt seven dogs, including a mother dog and her six puppies.

The man named the mother dog "Bibi" and it turns out that she was pregnant at the time and ended up homeless on the streets without care, even giving birth to her puppies under an abandoned car. 

Having watched Bibi grow up, he felt a strong attachment to her and decided to take her and her six puppies into his care. 


Despite the circumstances, Bibi recognized the man's kindness and did not attack him when he moved her puppies, marking the start of their new life together.

The Malay man is an animal lover at heart, having once cared for 60 cats during his peak. He currently looks after around 30 cats. Even with the substantial monthly cost of caring for his animals, he willingly bears the expenses. Furthermore, he is unfazed by the judgment and criticism of others. 

While he acknowledges that adopting dogs might draw criticism from some extremist religious individuals, he emphasizes that Islamic teachings promote compassion towards all animals and respect for all forms of life, as dogs are also creations of the divine.


"I don't care about the criticism from others. My love for animals is personal and unaffected by what others say. Islamic teachings suggest that the more animals you adopt, the greater your blessings. This is my choice. If I am deemed guilty in the eyes of the divine, I am willing to accept it. I cannot bear to abandon them," he explained.

Although Miri City Councillor Liu Yick Chieh and others suggested that the man consider letting compassionate individuals adopt Bibi and her puppies, he has grown to view them as his own children and has developed a strong emotional bond with them. He is resolute in his commitment to providing care for them throughout their lives.

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