WATCH: Khairul Aming Surprises His Staff With A Lavish Langkawi Getaway



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WATCH: Khairul Aming Surprises His Staff With A Lavish Langkawi Getaway

By JustineG

Khairul Aming, the owner of Sambal Nyet factory, surprised his 60 staff members by closing down the factory for 5 days and taking them all on a well-deserved vacation to Langkawi. 

The staff were treated to a luxurious experience, including a stay at a 5-star hotel, exciting activities such as jet skiing, cave exploration, snorkelling, and a memorable sunset cruise on a private yacht. 

Additionally, Khairul provided them with spending money for shopping. The gesture left all the staff members delighted and grateful for the opportunity. 

It was indeed a remarkable act of kindness that brought joy to everyone involved.

Previously, during the Raya festive season, Khairul surprised his team with a generous amount of Duit Raya. This thoughtful gesture demonstrated Khairul's genuine appreciation for his team and desire to make them feel valued and cherished. 

It is evident that Khairul goes above and beyond to show his gratitude and spoil his team, exemplifying the qualities of an exceptional boss. His actions undoubtedly create a positive and motivating work environment for his employees.

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