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These magic lines brings great comfort to people. Make sure you learn how to say it.

Pandemic has forced people to change their life routine. Some people were isolated from their family members; some people lost their jobs. Many students had to stop their education until further notice. This is the time where all of us should stand together and support each other. Here is what you could say if anyone is sharing their worry to you.Did you have a bad day? Do you want to talk about it?Angry people are usually sad people. Most of the time they were actually sad but it’s difficult for them to embrace their sadness. As being sad is often equate to showing weakness which that is not true. So, they disguise their sadness into anger yet deep down they were upset. Is there anything I could do to make you feel better?Knowing what’s the right word to say could break the barrier between people. Saying this line is telling them that you are ready to help. It’s important to ask them more than once, they might need some time to sort out their thought. Despite, in the end, they didn’t utter any words. That’s okay, at least they know that there are people like you care deeply about them.I am sure you are doing the best you could.Anyone that approached you to talk about their problems it’s because they are worried, self-doubting, clueless, not sure whether they are doing the right things or just lost. It’s important to give them affirmation or assurance. Regardless of what they did, saying this line could be their great comfort. It’s not in our position tell them how well they did, as they are the exact person who went through their life process. Be attentive when talking to your friends or your family. Hold a safe space and judgmental free zone for them. If you don’t have something nice to say, just listen. If you know someone who is struggling, please ask them to seek professional advice. *The Mindfacultykl is offering to pay it forward session where you could claim a free therapy session. Follow them to keep up with the news. 
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#BFF Forever | Matching Outfit Ideas for You and Your BFF That Make People Think You're Twins

No idea what to wear while hanging out with your BFF? Wanna look super cute together? Here are a series of BFF matching outfits that will leave girls wide-eyed with awe.   Photo source: Pinterest 01 // GO MONOCHROME When it comes to colours, going monochrome is a super nice way to express that you guys are inseparable. Dress up in a favourite colour that both of you like and show the world that your friendship is as strong as a sister's bond.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 02 // CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE No matter what, nothing can go wrong with the classic black and white. Both of these colours are at both extremes of the colour spectrum which make them very suitable and classy.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 03 // FLOWER GIRLS If you guys are going for a feminine look, floral patterns are an ideal choice. Not only do floral patterns look cute, but they also give off a sweet and welcoming vibe.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 04 // LET'S GET STRIPEY Stripes are also a good pattern to wear as a pair. They are cute and give out a youthful look.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 05 // PINK & BLUE COMBO Girls are often associated with colours of pink and baby blue. Thus, it is only fitting that a pair of BFFs wear these colours as a pair.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 06 // SWEATER WEATHER Weather getting cold or going to a cold place to hangout? No worries when you have sweaters to keep you warm.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest 07 // TWIN JACKETS Twin jackets are also very cute to pair yourself with your BFF. Not only they are cute, but they also give a sense of oneness to an outfit.   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest   Photo source: Pinterest ~~~~~ END ~~~~~"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said 'I'm here for you' and proved it." - Unknown Cover Photo Source: Left | Right 
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Friendship | Ideas for the Ultimate BFF Bucket List

Having a best friend is truly a blessing in disguise for all of us. Our best friends are those closest to us that we consider them as family. To take your friendship with your BFFs to another level, why not have a Best Friend Bucket List? This bucket list will have a list of things and activities for you to do and enjoy while making memories together. Here are 8 ideas for the ultimate best friend bucket list!  Photo source: hostelworld1. Take a Vacation TogetherFriends that travel together, stay together! Travel to the places that both of you have dreamed of going. It could be to Europe, to Hawaii, or even to Hollywood! Wherever that may be, it'll definitely be a great milestone for your friendship.   Photo source: Styleoholic2. Get Matching TattoosIf both of you are comfortable with this idea, then you should get BFF tattoos! It could be about an inside joke, a favourite symbol, something that means a lot to the both of you that you guys shared. The tattoo will definitely be a constant reminder of how much you love each other.   Photo source: Pinterest3. Have a Sleepover PartyIf you haven't had a sleepover at each other's house, are you even considered best friends? Throw an epic sleepover party for just the 2 of you, or if you have more best friends, that's even more amazing! Change into your favourite and most comfortable pyjamas, order pizza, buy snacks or make your own popcorn. Have an amazing movie night together. It'll really help you guys bond on another level.   Photo source: Brittany Xavier4. Plan a Spa Day TogetherSometimes, we just need to relax and unwind from this fast-paced world. What better idea than to have a spa day with your BFF? Get a massage, hot stones, seaweed wraps, facial or a manicure. Go for it and you'll end up feeling rejuvenated and calm together.  Photo source: Pinterest5. Pull an All-Nighter TogetherIf you and your BFF are studying or working in the same place, there would be times when stress levels were at an all-time high. The both of you would work together until late at night scrambling to finish off that assignment or cramming up for finals.   Photo source: Fix the Photo6. Have a BFF Scrapbook This way the both of you can have a chance to relive your amazing memories together. Print out and paste photos of your best memories with each other, handwritten notes between yourselves, birthday cards, or anything that holds the value of your friendship so the both of you get to cherish it till the end.   Photo source: POPSUGAR7. Watch Your Favourite Band Live Together It's awesome to see how music brings people together. You can your BFF will eventually have common taste in music. Adding this to your BFF bucket list will ultimately top things off. Photo source: Society198. Have a Movie/TV Series Marathon It is really fun to just watch your favourite movies and TV shows together all day, while also acting out the scenes that you guys have already memorised to heart, and laughing about it later. 
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Romantic French Names | Pick One For Your Baby Girl Now

French, the most romantic language in the world is also a romance language which is originated from Latin. French is always a perfect language for poetry and music that expresses its beautiful lyrics. So, if you are looking for an English name, here are some suggested French Names for you to choose!1. GiselleThis word has the meaning of "peacemaker".2. CelesteIt is meant to be "heavenly".3. BelleIt is famous because of the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast", meaning "intelligence".4. EloiseA cool name which means "she" and "warrior" respectively.5. MaelieHaving the meaning of chief or princess.   6. BrigitteIf you are a strong girl, this name is suitable for you, meaning strength.7. AdeleIf you are looking for a name for your little baby girl, Adele is nice, meaning noble, kind and tender.8. GabrielleWanna be outstanding? Gabrielle means the woman of God.9. RaissaIf you look smart, this word means thinker might fit you.10. SoleneMeaning with solemnity, a quiet yet nice name.   11. FleurObviously, it means flower.12. EstelleMeaning "star".13. IvelleBeautiful name, meaning "love".14. CosetteMeaning "cute" and "petite".15. MilaIt can be called as Milan too, meaning "dear", "pleasant".   16. LunaMeaning "moon", they said it's a Latin baby name.17. RaineFit for a "Queen".18. ValerieMeaning "strong", sounds contrast right?19. JolieSame as the word, meaning "joyful" and "pretty".20. LizetteMeaning "graceful", can be written as Lisette.   Pick on for yourself! It's way too romantic!
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Customized Design Cake shops | Take A Look At These Amazing Online Cake Shops in Malaysia

Nowadays, even a cake can become a conversation topic, it’s not only about how delicious it is but also how pretty the cake is.The creative baker has made the cake with ten thousand designs and styles to bother you. In no particular order, I’ve rounded up 10 famous online cake shops in Malaysia which are popular in their customized design cakes. 1. @shaunteocreationsIf you are a cake or dessert lover, you must know this shop which gains the most popular for their customized design cakes. From Disney, snow globe, cascading cake and it even teaches you how to do anti-gravity cake! How amazing are the crafting skills!Location: Kuala Lumpur2. @cake_by_r_n_sThis shop with 13k followers is located in Tanjung Tokong, Penang. They do a lot of luxurious style and floral cakes, which are very suitable for those who like fancy and romantic styles.Location: Penang3. @missshortcakesThis professional cake decorator and pastry chef have been voted as “The Best Cake Specialist” in Malaysia. If you are thinking your cake should be round or square or rectangular, you might need to take a look at her shop. For her, it is not about how to decorate the cake but to transform the cake!Location: Kuala Lumpur4. @bakedinchelseaOkay, if you are addicted to chocolate, you are going to be killed by this shop. Chocolate cake is their signature, but not just a simple chocolate cake. They have dark chocolate, moist chocolate layers and more. Chocolatarians, go and follow this shop now or regret later.Location: Kuala Lumpur5. @buttercake_factoryAt first, they are only a homemade butter cake shop, but now with their amazing baking skills and crafting design, they are well deserved to this position now. You can’t take your last-minute order from them, because they are highly in-demand now.Location: Kuala Lumpur6. @brownandsyaiTall cakes are the trend now. This shop can put sketches and drawings that we always long for on the cake. Brown&Sugar is good at that and their creations won’t disappoint you at all.Location: Kuala Lumpur7. @bakesandinksAgain, a delicious cake is not satisfying enough. Bakes & Inks has fulfilled the current requirement which is making a pleasing and yummy cake. Try the ‘Full Wreath Flower’ and ‘Pink Grey Rock’, which are both their signature cakes.Location: Kuala Lumpur8. @kekandcoMost of their cakes are tiered ones but you can have your personal requirements to style your cake perfectly. They can design according to your own choices and it will surprisingly amaze you. This shop is founded by two girls who have the same background in owning their own cake shops.Location: Kuala Lumpur9. @btterswtIf you are in love with the minimalist design, then Bitter/Sweet is the right cake shop for you. This shop is unique in the minimalist design cake creation with the baker’s special artistic texture on it. Classy and chic style cake present to you.Location: Kuala Lumpur10. @thehare_sbhThe last but not least, this shop with 23.3k followers is located in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. The Hare Secret Baking Home makes a lot of cute and adorable cakes that is suitable for teens and children. I love their polar bear designed cake, it’s way too cute!Location: Kuala LumpurOrder your very own customized design cake for this year's birthday!
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Want to have a Short Getaway in Malaysia? Here are the Best Places to Visit in Perak!

It doesn't matter that you are Malaysian or a foreigner, you would definitely fall in love with Perak. It's not only because of its food, but also of its history, nature, and culture. As a Perakian, let me introduce some good places for you to visit in Perak.  1. LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN  Lost World of Tambun has two main attractions, which are theme parks and night parks. Theme parks include Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Water Park, Petting Zoo, Adventure Park, and Amusement Park.  Night park includes hot springs, crystal spa, and luminous forest.If you hope to stay a little longer at the Lost World of Tambun, there is also a resort available here.2. BIRCH MEMORIAL CLOCK TOWER  The Birch Memorial Clock Tower was built in tribute to J.W.W Birch, the first inhabitants of the city who was assassinated in 1875. You will find four figures who are meant to depict the four virtues of the British government.Underneath those, you will find a mural that has forty-four famous historical figures which include Darwin, Shakespeare, and Buddha and there is also a large bell here that measures six feet in size.3. KELLIE'S CASTLE  Kellie’s Castle was built by William Kellie Smith to resemble his former house in Scotland. The castle is surrounded by lush forests. This building is said as the castle which sits atop a series of underground tunnels. There is a large statue of William Kellie Smith dressed in a suit and hat.There are also aristocratic furniture and intricate ceilings that were crafted in the 17th century and are adorned with plaster motifs.4. IPOH RAILWAY STATION  Ipoh Railway Station was constructed in 1935 and designed by Arthur Benison Hubback. It was built using a combination of Moorish and Victorian styles. It is known as the ‘Taj Mahal of Ipoh’ due to its amazing Mughal design features.5. GUA TEMPURUNGGua Tempurung's central chamber stretches for 4.5 kilometers. It is one of the longest of its kind in Malaysia. You may find a pretty stalagmite and stalactites here. Remember to explore the underground streams and waterfalls and the huge natural domes in the roof of the cave.There you have it! Why not spend this Chinese New Year exploring Malaysia?
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Tired of your busy life? Have a short getaway in PENANG!

Get bored with your busy life? Wanna have a short getaway? Why not have a ONE DAY TRIP at PENANG? Don't know how to plan? Look over HERE!  First stop: PENANG HILL/ BUKIT BENDERAThe top of the hill is accessible via the Penang Hill Railway from its base station at Jalan Bukit Bendera, Air Itam. Penang Hill features the best lookouts in Penang, offering panoramic views of the island and mainland. Besides, flora and fauna thrive in abundance all over the hill.     Second stop: AYER ITAM MARKETHow can you miss out on the foods when you're in Penang? It is one of the food paradises! Remember to try out Penang laksa, cendol and Char Koay Teow.  Third stop: KEK LOK SI TEMPLEKek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. The temple is divided into three parts:1. Ground: entrance, souvenir, food, and drinks stalls and the turtle liberation pond. 2. Midsection: temples, gardens, pagoda and the four heavenly kings pavilion. 3. Hilltop: gardens, temples and a huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. The visitors could pay RM6 for a round trip ride on a cable car to get to the hilltop.  Fourth stop: PENANG ART STREET  Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic made beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown.The artworks are funny, fascinating, and open to everyone’s interpretations.Below are the top 10 popular Penang popular mural arts:1. Boy On A Motorcycle  2. I Want Bao  3. The Three Girls  4. Jimmy Choo  5. Children On The Swing  6. Children Playing Basketball  7. Lion Dance  8. Boy Reaching Up  9. Skippy The Cat  10. Cats and Humans Live Together  Last stop: CLAN JETTYAs part of the Penang Heritage Trail, Clan Jetties are home to various Chinese clans. There used to be seven jetties but one was demolished by fire, so now only six remains.     There you have it! These famous spots in Penang that you most certainly heard of, but have you actually pay a visit there? Do it now and enjoy a relaxing trip to Penang!
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Feel awkward posing in front of the camera? Try these posing apps that will teach you on posing the perfect pose!

Everyone poses like a model on Instagram now! Have you ever wondered why aren’t those insta-people camera-shy or run out of pose while posing in front of the camera? And here you are, still posing your awkward ‘peace’ scissors hand in front of the camera. We understand that it is difficult to pose, especially when you are in public but what can you do? Most of the instagrammable locations are filled with people. Luckily, there are many posing apps available now! So here is the list of posing apps that you can download and become a model instantly!  App 1: Ulike (Available in iOS and Android)  I believe that many of you have heard of this app. Other than pretty filters, this app has a function ‘pose’ where it has many poses in it, So it is easy for you because you will only pose according to the outer line of the pose that will be shown on screen, also, it has a sample pose on the left bottom corner for you to refer to! If you are too tired to put on makeup, open Ulike and choose ‘beauty’ and ‘makeup’, there you have it, a full makeup you on screen!App 2: SOVS 2- posing camera (Available in iOS and Android)  This is a Korean camera app that has tons of filters and poses! The poses available in this app are categorized according to different scenarios, such as couples shot, travel shot, garden shots and more. Similar to Ulike, after you have chosen the pose, the outer line of the pose will appear on the screen and you can pose according to the outer line. Although this app is free to download, you have to pay RM3.90 for a certain scenario poses.With these apps, you can finally ditch your ‘peace’ scissors hand and the awkwardness in front of the camera! Also, you don’t have to be frustrated with your boyfriend's or friends’ photo shooting skills anymore!*Some photos credit to the owner*
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Top 10 Unmissable Activities in Klang Valley: You Can Do It Together With Your Partner!

The highly anticipated year end holiday has finally started and most of you will be traveling during this holiday. However for those who decided to stay in KL and Selangor, here is a list of fun things to do in town! This could be a brand new experience for everyone!#1. Painting class: Sip and PaintIf you are bored of holiday shopping and watched all the movie that are showing in the cinema, then it is time to get arty this holiday! Join a session of sip and paint to enjoy the wine, meet new friends, relax and paint in style! Sip and Paint available on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can easily book their session online!Website: https://www.artandbonding.com/#2. Onsen Spa: Urban Retreat OnsenIf relaxing and quiet activity is your kind of fun then do not miss the first Onsen Spa in Malaysia! Onsen in Japan means hot spring, the Japanese believes that a short soak in the Onsen will promote relaxing and detoxifying. Now, Onsen is available in Malaysia and the first ever in Mont Kiara! Website: https://urbanretreatspa.my/#3. Join a cooking class: ABC Cooking StudioDo you always wanted to bake like an expert? Join ABC studio and bring a friend along! ABC Cooking Studio located in both Pavilion KL and The Gardens, Mid Valley. For new joiners can join their trial class! Have fun in the cooking studio and who knows you might be the next kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson!Website: https://www.abc-cooking.com.my/#4. AirRider Indoor Skydiving: 1 UtamaIf you are striving for excitement then this will be a thrill experience for you! Can you imagine you can actually sky dive indoor now? There are special instructor guide you on controlling your body in the wind and  basic movement to ensure you enjoy your diving experience! Website: https://airrider.my/#5. Cycling Fun: Taman Botani Negara, Shah AlamHow about a great budget activity that allows you to enjoy nature? Bicycle rental is available in Taman Pertanian at a reasonable price. You can cycle around the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery and flora along the park. Website: http://www.tbnsa.gov.my/#6. Enjoy a performance: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)Watching a play, musical or other live performance are not common in Malaysia and most people have never experience it. KLPAC offers a wide range of affordable tickets for local performances, this is a great experience for those who never been to a live performance. You might just fall in love with live performance after this! Website: https://www.klpac.org/#7. Cafe Hopping: Bangsar, KLThis is a fun activity that all coffee and cakes lovers should not miss! Imagine having a relaxing day, hopping in from one cafe to another with your favourite book or your favourite person? Having a long unstoppable conversation with your best friend?#8. Dining in the Sky: Bukit BintangIs the usual fine dining just too boring for you? Let's do it high high up the sky! This will not be just a feast to your stomach but the brilliant night view of KL will also be a feast to your eyes. It would be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Website: https://www.dinnerinthesky.my/#9. High Tea: Majestic HotelEnjoy the beautiful view of orchid at the glass atrium of the Majestic Hotel with a pipping hot cup of tea with dedicated cakes and pastries. Orchid was the favourite of the British during the colonial era pairing up with the beautiful colonial interior design of the hotel is defiantly a perfect match. Website: https://www.majestickl.com/dining.html#10. Shop Till You Drop: Mitsui Outlet ParkShopping is always the best thing to do and if you have not shop for Christmas or even Chinese New Year, then this is the best place to visit! When you are tired while shopping, indulge yourself with all the delicious food served in the f&b outlets at Mitsui!Website: https://www.mitsuioutletparkklia.com.my/
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