WATCH: Netizens Praise Woman Who Helped Resuscitate Motorcyclist Who Suffered Heart Attack



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WATCH: Netizens Praise Woman Who Helped Resuscitate Motorcyclist Who Suffered Heart Attack

By storyteller24

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A simple act of kindness from a passerby in saving a motorcyclist, who is believed to have suffered a heart attack, has drawn praise from netizens.

The video, which was shared by Facebook user Purushotaman S Palanisamy, showed a woman performing chest compressions on a motorcyclist by the roadside, believed to be in Klang.

Purushotaman wrote that the man had suffered a heart attack while on his motorcycle. However, kindhearted Malaysians quickly came to his aid. At the start of the video, a woman is seen performing chest compressions on the man. Two other men were on hand to help him.

The man was later laid on his back while the chest compressions continued until he regained consciousness. It is understood that the incident took place on Sept 5 near a petrol station in Klang.

The video has also gained 134k views and 1,500 reactions from social media users, with many praising the prompt action given by the woman.

Commenters also noted that those who helped the man were all from different races, reflecting Malaysians' willingness to help one another regardless of race and religion.

Facebook user Ridzwan Ali Hami said the video demonstrated the true colours of Malaysians in handling a crisis. "We are truly Malaysian. This is proof of unity among Malaysians. Good job uncle and sister."

Echoing Ridzwan, another user Ashvin Cumar Karthigeyan said the simple act of kindness showed the true Malaysian spirit. "God bless you sister and all of you who had helped. This is truly the Malaysian spirit."

Another user Pushpalata Manoharan wrote: "God bless you sister, you are an angel."

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