Malaysians Describe Long Commutes & Burnout In Viral Thread



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Malaysians Describe Long Commutes & Burnout In Viral Thread

2 Weeks ago
By storyteller24

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An online thread on social networking site X has revealed the long distances Malaysians travel, up to hundreds of kilometres (km) per day just to get to work.

It started with an anonymous question-and-answer post shared by X user @meinmokhtar, where "anon" had asked readers for motivation as he had to travel 120km daily from home to work and back.

"I'm just mentally and physically tired, and burnt out, so I need words of encouragement from people facing the same situation as I am. Those living near their workplaces will not understand."

In response, many X users had shared the same predicament, with some saying they would rather come home to their families than rent a house with strangers.

@Hafizulfikri_7 said he drives 176km to and from work daily, and 248km during the weekends to attend part time classes.

"I am willing to do this because of my wife," he said.

User @SungieISee said they travelled 200km a day, because renting a small room near their office was too expensive.

"During holidays or weekends, I just do what I love and just rest. We can do it, anon, just for some money."

Another user @arianaaamedium, said her husband travels from Wangsa Maju to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, at a distance of 150km daily. "He told me he remained strong because husbands must sacrifice a little to make a living for his family," she wrote.

@AceHana_ meanwhile said in her past work, she would leave home at 5am and it takes three hours for her to arrive.

"I leave work at 5pm and arrive at about 7.30pm. In the six hours on the road, I listen to podcasts to brush up on my English listening. Now that I work for a multinational company, I am able to work remotely."

However, @xillusions advised "anon" to come up with an exit plan.

He wrote: "When you have an exit plan, then you will be more motivated. May you be strong in any situation, and may everything be eased."

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