A Local Hospital Nurse Attempted To Steal Gold Necklace From Patient's Mother



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A Local Hospital Nurse Attempted To Steal Gold Necklace From Patient's Mother


In a night filled with heart-pounding moments, a concerning incident involving a nurse has come to light, raising questions about the conduct of healthcare professionals. A nurse from a hospital in Sibu, Sarawak, allegedly attempted to steal a gold necklace right off a mother.


The mother's baby was admitted to the hospital yesterday and underwent a surgical procedure today. Throughout the evening, the mother remained inside the hospital room, attentively caring for her child. During the night, a nurse entered and exited the room a total of eight times, without conducting any checks on the baby. Instead, she engaged in conversation with the mother, rummaging through her clothing, examining her palms, and displaying other questionable behaviour. 

The nurse stood behind the mother as the mother was bending over to pat the sleeping baby. A sudden feeling of the mother's gold necklace slipping off and falling inside her blouse sent shivers down her spine. Hastily, she grasped the necklace and upon inspection, discovered it had been intentionally severed with a pair of scissors. Alarmed, the nurse hurriedly rushed into the restroom, leaving the mother in a state of shock. The nurse then came out of the restroom and told her to place the necklace in her bag before swiftly leaving the room.


Overwhelmed by fear, the mother spent the entire night without sleep. It was only this morning that she mustered the courage to share her harrowing experience with us, emphasizing the need to bring this incident to the attention of the media and the public. She believes that this nurse may be a repeat offender, as it seems implausible for a gold necklace to abruptly snap without warning, leaving her in disbelief. The fact that someone dressed as a nurse could engage in such frightening conduct is deeply disturbing.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and ensuring safety within healthcare environments. By shedding light on this incident, it is hoped that potential victims can be spared from similar encounters in the future.

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