Netizens Touched By Grab Food Riders' Spirit Of Brotherhood



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Netizens Touched By Grab Food Riders' Spirit Of Brotherhood

2 Weeks ago
By storyteller24

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A woman took to social media to share the spirit of brotherhood of two GrabFood riders as well as their commitment towards their job, which earned praises from the netizens.

Social media user Rusyainie Ramli in a Facebook post shared that she ordered food using the app recently. She was wondering why her order took so long to arrive, which prompted her to text the rider.

To her surprise, the rider met with an accident while on his way to deliver her order. "I hope that the rider named Azlan (JUC 5124), who was involved in an accident while on his way to deliver my order, does not suffer serious injuries.

"I was surprised when I got to know that he had a misfortune. He was assisted by another rider named Izam (JQW 1867) who happened to be his colleague. He told his friend that he had an order to be delivered, before being taken away by the ambulance. His friend then took the order back to the shop and delivered it to me."

She said initially she wanted to cancel the order. However, Izam said it was okay and he already promised Azlan to deliver the order.

"After that, he rushed to the hospital to see Azlan and returned the phone that he was holding (to deliver her order)."

Rusyainie said she responded to GrabFood and praised both Azlan and Izam, who in such circumstances, continued to carry out their job.

"I have included their motorcycle plate numbers and donated some money to them. I hope GrabFood appreciates them better (for their willingness to go to such an extent). Hopefully, Allah will ease Azlan's affairs, and thank you Izam for your unrivaled brotherhood spirit."

The comment section saw Facebook users praising the duo.

User Fauziah Mahmud wrote; "Both of them are reliable. May Allah ease the affairs of the duo and be blessed abundantly."

User Hazrene Hassan commented; "I teared up reading your post. May Allah grant great ease and sustenance for the two young men and to you too, and also bless you for your understanding and kindness. Amin."

Adilah Najihah Abu Bakar said; "The two of them are blessed to have a customer just like you."

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