WATCH: Are You Excited To Watch Park Seojoon & Han Sohee Together In ‘Gyeongseong Creature’?



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WATCH: Are You Excited To Watch Park Seojoon & Han Sohee Together In ‘Gyeongseong Creature’?

By storyteller24

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Ever since the collaboration between Park Seojoon and Han Sohee was revealed, K-Dramas fans are super excited to watch their favourite actors together for the very first time. Seojoon, who is famous for giving bossy CEO roles in almost all the Korean dramas, rose to fame with What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?. On the other hand, Han Sohee is typically famous for her good looks and eyes. She is known for her roles in My Name and Nevertheless.

Gyeongseong Creature story

Hence, it was quite unexpected, yet breathtaking to know about the duo's collaboration for the first time. Gyeongseong Creature is a thriller series, which is set in the spring of 1945, when Gyeongseong (the old name for Seoul) was in its darkest era, the series depicts the story of people who fight fiercely at the border between life and death.

Gyeongseong Creature teaser

Today Netflix has finally dropped the much awaited teaser, where Seojoon and Sohee are seen running towards someone to kill it with AK-47 in their hands. Their rugged looks are literally making fans go crazy. The teaser also revealed that it's Part-1.

Park Seojoon and Han Sohee's collaboration, that too in a thriller genre, is surely going to be one of the most blockbuster hits of Netflix for 2023.

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