WATCH: Mum Alleges Abuse Of Daughter At Kindergarten



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WATCH: Mum Alleges Abuse Of Daughter At Kindergarten

By storyteller24

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A parent has taken to social media to expose a kindergarten believed to be where their child is abused. User @Rin Azmin, believed to be the mother of Rania, her abused child, mentioned a kindergarten in Bandar Sri Permaisuri as the place in question.

In the posting, Rin shared videos of the incident and pictures of the injuries to Rania. "A child abuse incident that happened to my own child. I feel nauseous after knowing about the incident. The staff lied in front of our faces saying she accidentally bumped into Rania and she fell. It was her who pushed our daughter on the head!" the caption said.

Rin shared a chronology of the incident with one of it being her husband checking CCTV footage.

"The abuser had pinched and slammed Rania's head on the floor. I'm upset because the other staff just look at it as if it is a common occurrence."

Netizens are furious to read about the incident with some saddened to see Rania's condition.

"Please make sure this kindergarten is investigated and make sure the abuser is punished. Nurseries nowadays hire random workers as long as they fit the bill," says user @Norashikin Sidek.

User @Soleha Halim said: "Poor Rania. I wanna cry seeing how her head is being pushed."

"Just shut down this kindergarten. The staff didn't even bat an eye as if it is a common occurrence.

"Everyone from the owner to staff should be held responsible if anything happens to the child," said user @Engku Nabilah.

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