WATCH: Despite Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease, E-hailing Driver's Grit Earns Praises From Netizens



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WATCH: Despite Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease, E-hailing Driver's Grit Earns Praises From Netizens

By storyteller24

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An elderly e-hailing driver believed to be suffering from Parkinson's disease captured the hearts of netizens due to his unwavering commitment to his job.

The man, is featured in a video uploaded by TikTok user @zupzappp, who took it from the beackseat. The driver can be seen battling shaky and trembling hands as he maneuvers his vehicle through traffic.

@zupzappp sedih #grab #pakcikgrabviral #sedih original sound - Luna karam لونا كرم

Nevertheless, he maintains strong focus when behind the wheel, which showed how committed he was about his passengers' safety.

The 15-second video has gone viral and garnered 123,600 likes on TikTok with comments pouring in from viewers who were touched by the driver's perseverance and those who were sympathetic over his condition.

Social media user @esoktaubat said: "I feel so guilty whenever I ride (with the e-hailing service) with elderly people because during this hour (night time), they should be at home resting instead."

Another netizen @Syiee9430 claimed she was once a passenger of an e-hailing driver with similar condition.

"My husband and I once rode with an uncle like this on an e-hailing service. I had tissues ready by my side, and my husband just looked at him with sympathy.

"When we were paying, my husband gave him RM50 right away. The uncle cried, man. I quickly got out of the car because I couldn't hold back my tears. Seriously."

The elderly driver's determination has also inspired other TikTok users to work hard for a living regardless of their own circumstances.

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