WATCH: University Professor's Wheelchair Fall Sparks Accessibility Debate With Netizens



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WATCH: University Professor's Wheelchair Fall Sparks Accessibility Debate With Netizens

1 Week ago
By storyteller24

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A video of a university professor attempting to use a wheelchair to experience the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities (OKU) took an unexpected turn.

In the video, the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) professor, known as 'Prof Ariffin' ended up falling backward due to the height of the ramp at the Astana Putra restaurant.

The video was posted on X by a former Pakatan Harapan (PH) general election candidate, Dr Noraishah Mydin Abdul Aziz has gone viral with over 100,000 views so far.

In the caption, she praised the professor for his determination and bravery in trying to understand the feelings of students with disabilities.

Netizens in the comment section expressed their concern for the safety of individuals with disabilities, urging authorities to take immediate action to address the issue.

Many suggested that the ramp should be redesigned to meet accessibility standards, ensuring safety and ease of use for those with mobility challenges.

User @GNDzero77 stated that the ramp is indeed not suitable for the use of OKU and is unfriendly to them.

"The restaurant management can make immediate improvements for the convenience of OKU. Hopefully, nothing undesirable will happen," he added.

Another user @LayaaYusoff commented: "From the video, I can already tell that the construction of the ramp is not suitable. Poor professor.

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